Reed sales

When choosing any type of roofing, quality construction materials are essential. A reed roof is no exception. Only an experienced roofing specialist can tell which reeds are of high quality and suitable for roofing and which are not.

A reed roof is resistant to most weather conditions making it perfect protection against wet snow and rain. This is due to very valuable properties of reed: although it grows in marshy areas, this plant contains wax and thus, does not absorb water from the bottom and its upper part remains dry. In nature, moisture penetrates into a reed only up to 5 cm. When this plant is used for roofing, precipitation (snow, rain) simply flows down the stems and drips off the roof without being absorbed into the reeds (however, the roof must have a certain slope). Reed is also resistant to UV rays, sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

Quality reeds are essential for roofing: they must be of certain length and thickness, light, yellowish in colour, and by no means can they have any traces of mould. Quality reeds have good sound and thermal insulation properties. This is due to the internal structure of the plant: the stem has partitions across its length, which prevents the spread of heat and noise.

Recommended length of reeds for roofing is 150-220 cm. The type of reed to be used for your roof depends on roof configuration, slope, skylights, etc. Therefore, in order to tell what reed would be best, one must see the design of the house first. Most often ~180 cm long reeds with diameter of 6-8 mm are used.

Preparation of quality reed and even roofing depends on the season. Reeds are cut in winter and spring, dried naturally and then used for roofing.

We do not recommend cutting the reeds for roofing yourself. Only an experienced and professional roofing expert can tell whether the reeds are of good quality and suitable for use. Choosing an unskilled worker poses a risk of increased costs and the durability of the reed roof itself.

Simpeksa UAB has been engaged in building, repairs, renovation and impregnation of reed roofs since 2007. We have many years of experience and can guarantee that selected reeds will be of high quality and your roof will be durable. These are not empty promises – our services come with a warranty.