Treatment for fire retardancy and prevention of moss

A reed roof is a rather archaic solution for home, but thanks to modern technology it is as safe as regular roofing materials. Fire safety requirements for residential homes are becoming more stringent and naturally, special measures were developed for houses with reed roofs, which ensure complete safety.

Simpeksa UAB uses fire retardant Magama Firestop produced according to ISO 9002 standard for treatment of reed roofs. This fire retardant protects the reeds from outside and prevents sudden ignition.

The whole surface of the reed roof is sprayed with fire retardant after the installation is completed. The manufacturer declares that a reed roof may be fire retardant for up to 10 years after treatment. Impregnated roof meets the B roof (T1) classification according to STR 2.01.04:2002.

A reed roof may be protected against ignition from the inside by special fire retardant materials: special panels or textiles, which prevent the spread of fire to the outside. Treatment for fire retardancy from the inside must be done before laying the reeds. After applying all necessary fire retardancy treatments, the risk of ignition of a reed roof is not higher than that of a traditional roof.

Treatment of a reed roof for prevention of moss is recommended if the house is built in a forest or the roof is overshadowed by tree canopies, from which leaves fall on the roof. Treatment for prevention of moss will prolong the service life of a reed roof.

For treatment of reed roofs for prevention of moss Simpeksa UAB uses an impregnator, which is completely safe for humans and the environment. The treatment prevents moss growth and eradicates existing algae. Our specialists use the impregnator strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The time period of impregnator effectiveness is determined by many factors, including environmental conditions for moss to grow. Statistically, treatment with impregnator is recommended every 5 years, but if the conditions are auspicious for moss, more frequent renewal of impregnation may be necessary.

The impregnator used for reed roofs is also suitable for other types of roof as well as building facades and other surfaces.

All fire resistance treatment and impregnation work is performed by Simpeksa UAB specialists. We guarantee that the work is carried out responsibly and using materials that meet all applicable requirements.